Brainwave generated NFT Artwork

We collect the brainwaves of music artists listening to their own music and transform their emotional experience into art

This isn't Typical Art

Own a Part of your Favourite Music Artist

We've created a new kind of memorablia for fans to collect. It's essentially a biological signature created from the most unique thing a human being can produce ... their brainwaves.

The art is programatically generated from bio-markers extracted from the musician's brainwave while they enjoy their music. The art uses shape and color to represent the strength of certain emotions.

Access Holder Perks

We're partnering with musicians to help reward fans who've supported them through MindSpec NFTs.

While it will vary by music artist, holders can expect to recieve some combination of exclusive merch, pre-release music, and potentially access to concerts.

Support Rising Music Artists

Our NFTs also act as a way for fans to support smaller, emmerging music artists. They get a share of every NFT sale to help support their careers.

As the music artist increases in popularity, the value of the NFTs will increase due to demand and there will be on-chain proof of who was an early supporter.

Imagine buying a Shawn Mendes NFT when he just released his EP and played guitar on Disney Channel.